The preschooler is learning in a hands-on environment.  The classroom is set up in various centers which easily accommodate a child-centered, age-appropriate and stage-appropriate approach to educating 3 and 4 year-old children.  The materials found in the classroom have been chosen and designed to provide your child with specific learning opportunities.

ABC’s and 123’s are a given, but here at Success Kids Learning Center we teach so much more.  Children begin to develop responsibility as they take turns being the line- leader and flag-holder.  Musical Movement, Art, Puzzles, Language Development, Building Blocks, Dramatic Play, Reading, Science, Outdoor Play and Spanish are all elements of their day.

We understand this is a critical time in your child’s development and we pledge to do our part to be sure your child gets the most out their preschool experience.  Rest assured that we realize the importance of keeping the preschool experience tender and safe as these young hearts and minds are busy developing their self-esteem.

We teach our staff the importance of listening to children and recognizing and responding to individual needs as they arise.  Feel the Love.