Infant and Toddler Care

Our mission is two-fold as we see it; to provide parents with knowledge-based, loving support they need to be able to return to work and to create a safe, nurturing environment with gentle and caring hands for your loved one.  

Your baby’s brain is busy, wiring connections that control vision, movement, language and feelings.  As your child discovers new mobility and verbal communication it is our job to promote that development with a day filled with rich stimulating activities.  Your child will learn through art, song and dance, reading, sign language, small group activities, finger play, puzzles and outdoor play under the guidance of sympathetic caregivers.  

We want every child to feel cherished and we strive to recognize every child as a unique individual that deserves to be heard and respected.  Meeting your child’s emotional needs in these early years is vital to their development.  Also, strict procedures ensure your child’s physical needs are being met each day in a clean, safe and loving environment.  Daily report cards help you keep track of your child’s day and their development.  Feel the Love.